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Mozambique Public holidays and festivals

January 1st - New Year's Day 

February 3 - Heroes' Day- A day paying tribute to the many important revolutionary heroes of the country

April 7 - Day of the Mo├žambican Woman - A public holiday to celebrate Mozambican women and, in particular, Josina Machel, who played an important role in the liberation of the country.

May 1 - Workers' Day

June 25 - Independence Day- In commemoration of the country gaining independence from the colonial government of Portugal, with traditional dance, poetry and music performances.

September 7 - Lusaka Agreement Day commemorates the ending of the Mozambican War of Independence in 1974 and the subsequent granting of independence in 1975, following the Lusaka Agreement

September 25 - Armed Forces Day remembering the country's struggle for independence within the province of Cabo Delgado

December 25 - National Family Day / Christmas Day

Maputo is pretty much deserted during Christmas holdiays and quite a few venues are closed. However it is a pleasant and relaxed time to explore the city.

Festivals and Events


Red Dress Run - organized by the Maputo Hash House Harriers as part of an international series of charity Red Dress runs


Maputo International Azgo Music Festival - an event that includes piano recitals, jazz workshops, opera performances, jam sessions and even film screenings


Prawn Run - an annual cycle ride that's organised as a fun event.


Chopi Music Festival - held in Quissico village, in the Inhambane province, in an attempt to preserve traditional Chope music. 

August Festival - held in Maputo to promote cultural diversity in the country.


Moya International Music Festival - staged in Beira over several weeks, starting at the end of September.

Ilha de Mozambique cultural feria


Angoche Day - the city's anniversary is celebrated each year with a 10-km / 6-mile road race, a motorcycle race and other festivities, drawing large crowds


Kinani International Festival of Contemporary Dance - held in Maputo at the beginning of November, Kinani showcases modern dance in all its many forms.

Zalala beach festival

Don't miss those fun and cultural events during your holidays