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Tofo, South Mozambique

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Tofo, South Mozambique

The stunning beach of Tofo is located 25km North of Inhambane and reached via a beautiful road trip with amazing views and coconut plantations.

Sensations of Tofo

Dive with giant manta rays and whale sharks. Experience a dolphin & Humpback whale ocean safari (July to end of October). Yoga and meditation retreats. Surf at Tofinho. Visit the Manta and whale shark research center. Galop on the beach. Or just indulge yourself on the beach. 

Tofo is a stunning eight kilometer stretch of sandy beach located on the southern coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. Tofo has beautiful grassy dunes, rolling surf, year-round sunshine and great places to stay, eat and play. There is plenty to do here. You can sit back and enjoy an easy day relaxing on the beach, or spend your time here scuba diving (one the world’s top 3 dive destinations), surfing the waves in Tofinho, horse riding the trails through the dunes and villages or deep sea fishing.

There are great bars and restaurants where you can while away your day sipping a 2M (the local beer) or a cocktail, and sampling the local prawns and other delicious seafood. There are two beaches in the area, Tofo Beach, which is the main beach, and Tofinho (or little Tofo) which is a bit quieter a mere 15 minutes walk. 

Tofo offers an untamed wonderland amidst palm trees, kilometers of unspoiled beaches and the area is fast becoming the new jewel of Southern Africa and a Mecca for divers from around the world.

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