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Punta d'Ouro and Punta de Malongane

Diving Beaches

 Punta d'Ouro and Punta de Malongane

Sensations of South Mozambique

Divine beaches, world class diving, safaris in Maputo reserve, whale watching, dolphins encounters, bird watching, fishing, kite surfing, horse riding are all on the menu. 

Punta d’Ouro is located 120 km South of Maputo and just 30 minutes from the South African border at Kosi Bay. As a result, beaches see more people than anywhere else in the country especially during weekends and South African school holidays. Punta d'Ouro is pretty festive while Ponta Malongane is sleepy. 

The coastline from Ponta do Oura to Inhaca Island is saturated with the most beautiful and pristine hard and soft coral reefs, home to a bewildering variety of game and reef fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks and rays. 

The long and uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, high primary sand dunes, coastal forests, inland flood plains and numerous lakes and accompanying marshlands, make it an ideal playground for 4x4 vehicle/biking and hiking enthusiasts. 

Puntad Ouro Sul (7)

The region enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with most of the rainfall coming between December and March. The summer months from November to April are characterized by warm temperatures accompanied by relatively high humidity levels whereas the winter months are moderate to warm with much lower levels of humidity.

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