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Sensations of Maputo

Culture, history, architecture, gastronomy and nightlife with a sea-view!

Named Lourenco Marques during colonial times, Maputo is one of the most attractive capital cities in Africa. Located by the sea on Maputo bay, Maputo has wide avenues planted with jacarandas trees, Mediterranean colonial architecture, interesting museums, animated colorful markets and beautiful buildings such as the railway station and the iron house designed by one of Gustav Eiffel’s disciples. 

Tales from Portuguese navigator Lourenco Marques soon attracted other sailors and traders during the 16th century. Portuguese settled temporary colonies on Inhaca and Xefina grande islands south of Maputo where they traded ivory before moving North to Ilha de Mozambique. With the discovery of gold and diamonds, Lourenco Marques was proclaimed capital of Portuguese East Africa.

Before independence in 1975, Maputo and its surroundings was greeting thousands of visitors from South Africa and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Nowadays, tourists are coming back to Maputo, charmed by the relaxed and festive atmosphere of the city and its beautiful beaches.

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