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Diving Tofo, South Mozambique

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Diving Tofo, South Mozambique

Tofo beach and picturesque fishing village has 16 extraordinary dive sites ranging from 9 to 39 meters deep for divers of all levels. Fun and magical underwater encounters are guaranteed at this first class diving destination! 

Water temperature varies from 16 degrees in winter to 29 in summer.

Visibility is anywhere between 10 to 30 meters

Tofo is becoming a hot diving spot with whale sharks and Mantas commonly seen in the area!

Dive sites 

Amazon– 20 to 30 meters depth – Experienced divers - manta cleaning station 

A big L shape rock formation with a wall on one side and a flattened area on the other one. Gullies, hollows and crevices where a great variety of marine life can be found.
School of silvery barracudas, grey trump nose fish, surgeon fish, big honeycomb moray eel loggerhead turtle, green turtles, Manta rays, giant eagle rays, ribbon tail rays, goldies and other tropical fish are seen on most dives.
Green coral tree, whip coral, pink thistle coral and anemones are found all over this reef. Seldom visited it is totally preserved. Visibility is usually excellent and there’s a chance to see sharks (leopard, white and black tips, tiger). Pleasant drift dive but current can be strong.

Amphitheater – 15 meters depth – All divers

A lovely shallow dive, the amphitheater is filled with shoals of blue-banded snappers, big eyes nudibranches, paper fish, morays, dragon moray, orangutan crabs and octopus. crustaceans. Swim-through and boulders.

Anchor reef / Cresh - 7 to 10 meters depth– all divers

Barra house Reef is great for both snorkeling and shallow diving. Excellent site for underwater photography.
Cresh reef was so named because of its incredible juvenile fish population. Puffer fish, blue spotted ray, octopus, pepper eels, stone fish, lizard fish, box fish, clown trigger fish and tropical reef fish. The coral consists of stag horn coral, porous corals, sea sponges and colorful anemones.

Buddies reef - 7 to 14 meters depth – All divers

Excellent training ground and the opportunity to observe smaller fishes and nudibranches. Lots of juvenile reef fish, white paper fish, brown rock mover wrasse, clown fish, anemone fish, morays, lobsters, crayfish, Moorish idols, angelfish and stone fish The coral are mostly broken but there are various kinds of Anemones and Polyp coral. Hard coral (Daisy coral in a soft pink, clustered finger, stag horn) and soft coral (whip corals and fan corals). The site is located about 8 km from Tofo in Barra Bay

Chamber of Secrets - 14 to 15 meters depth – All divers

The reef consist of a big crater with high walls, swim through, caves and crevices and a sandy bottom. Abundance of both hard and soft corals and plenty of reef fish. Scenic and most enjoyable dive when visibility is good.

Chimney reef – 10 to 18 meters depth – All divers

Chimney reef gets its name from the almost factory looking chimney at the southern end of this crater.
Only two divers can pass the chimney at a time. It is covered with colorful nudibranches, brightly colored anemones, moray eels, harlequin shrimp, anemone fish, pepper and honeycomb morays lobsters crayfish, Moorish idols, angel fish, ghost pipe fish, razor wrasse and a chance for whale sharks.
The site is located about 6 km from Tofo

Clownfish – 9 to 10 meters depth – All divers

A flat reef with living rock and plate coral and small tropical fish. Ideal for student training and fresh divers with no current or surge. The site is located 600 meters to Tofo beach

Giants castle – 21 to 32 meters depth - Advanced divers - Manta cleaning station

This reef consists of a big wall almost 4 meters high with drop-offs leading to sandy areas. All along the wall is a ridge that is rich in marine and coral life. Big rock formations add to the scenery of this reef.
Scorpion fish, starfish species, big green coral trees, goldies, dancing shrimp, trigger fish moray eels long nose hawk fish. Mantas gracefully evolves on the plateau. The coral is mostly untouched, from porous corals to hard and soft corals in a all colors and textures.
The site is located about 7 km from the shore of Barra beach.

Hospital – 24 to 30 meters depth – Manta cleaning station

The name was given due to the abundance of surgeon fish. The reef is full of life and colors and made of several walls where you shall encounter moray, scorpion, lion, nudibranches, groupers, manta and small eyed sting rays.
The site is located about 18 km from Tofo.

Manta reef consisting of 2 spots Manta canyon and Manta pinnacles – 18 to 28 meters depth - Experienced divers – 3 cleaning Manta cleaning station

Fast becoming famous in the diving community Manta Reef is regarded as one of the best dives sites in southern Africa. If offers a fantastic diversity of marine life including numerous giant manta rays. Walls, pinnacles, canyons and gullies. Yellow snapper, barracuda, big eyes, trigger fish, big potato grouper, turtles, eagle rays sweet lips, scorpion fish, morays (giant, honeycomb, yellow edge, white mouth, geometric...), crocodile fish, Spanish dancers, torpedo ray, frog, lions, plenty of nudibranches and cowries and sometimes sharks.

Mike's Cupboard - 12 to 15 meters depth – all divers
Flat reef with big holes with small caves, overhangs and a few swim through. It’s a busy place with schools of blue banded snappers, coachmen, angelfish, paper fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish trumpet fish, kingfish and tuna passing by. lizard fish, octopus, banded shrimp, puffer fish. The coral consists of colored whip coral, beige soft coral, purple and white thristle.

Office - 18 to 27 meters depth – Advanced divers - Manta cleaning station

The site is a rock pinnacle with flat part, small caves, gullies and ledges. Mantas, leopard sharks, with tip, potato bass, honeycomb moray, eels, porcupine fish, rubberlips, potato bass, trigger fish, goldies, wrasse, dancing cleaning shrimp, banded shrimp, devil ray, bull ray. The reef is rich in hard and soft coral in various colors and shapes: green whip coral, circular big plate coral, pink fleshy coral and orange sponges. Currents can be strong.

Sherwood Forest- 27 to 39 meters depth – Advanced divers

This reef looking like a huge rock formation planted in the middle of the sea is a 80m dome with ledges and blowholes offering an amazing scenery. Green coral trees home to millions of goldie, potato bass, a brindle bass resident, honeycomb moray eels, black cheek Moray, blue spotted ray, devil fire fish, rock cod and sometimes a Manta Ray.
Plate coral, whip coral and leather coral to colorful sea sponges, anemones, thistle coral, palmate sea fans in different colors.
It can be a difficult dive due to currents, a quick descend is advisable
The reef is located around 3km to Tofo beach

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