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Diving Punta d'Ouro / Punta Malongane

Diving Beaches

Diving Punta d'Ouro / Punta Malongane

Ponta d'Ouro is famous from its 18 high quality off-shore coral reefs.

Dolphins to whales and whale sharks, bass to hammerheads and Zambezi sharks, Ponta offers spectacular diving with many species and vast variety of sea life.

From shallow reefs to deeper shark dives there’s guaranteed awesome sightings and fun for everyone.

The water temperature ranges from 18 ºC, with recorded visibility of 25 meters in winter, May to August. In summer, water temperature can reach 29ºC with 15 to 20 meters visibility. Great diving all year round.

The area is frequented by Humpback whales between July and November and Dolphins all year round.

Dive sites

Doodles - 14 to 17m depth - All divers

Probably the most popular dive site and the closest to the beach, this beautiful easy dive delivers fantastic diving. Long and narrow reef with encounters with Potato Bass, blue spotted rays, brown ribbon-tailed rays, huge honeycomb ray, geometric rays, big lion fish, moral eels, octopus, bait fish, schools of yellow banded snappers and goat fish, paper fish, rock cod, ghost pipe fish, puffer fish, nudibanches, turtles, frog fish and many more typical tropical reef fish. Game fish and dolphin are also sometimes sighted.

Crèche - 10 to 14m depth – All divers

One of the most popular reefs and often used to train new divers. Main features are schools of juvenile reef fish, shrimps, snappers, box fish, turtles and colorful hard and soft corals.

Steps - 13 to 16m depth – All divers

A long and interesting reef with small drop-offs and sand patches.Game and reef fish, turtles, eels, nudibranches and beautiful corals both hard and soft.

Fingers - 14 to 15m depth – All divers

Ribbed coral structures feature on this reef, with cleaning stations around every corner. Turtles, fusiliers, schooling reef fish and Lionfish are the local inhabitants.

Checkers - 15 to 18m depth - All divers

Lovely reef with table corals and nice schools of fish. Features are leaf and frog fish, scorpion fish, anemones, rays and a favourite reef for cleaning stations. You might be lucky to spot the occasional Leopard shark.

Pinnacle’s - 29 to 43m depth - Experienced divers

This deep reef is quite famous for sharks sightings (Zambezi, Dusky, Tiger and hammerhead) attracted by shoals of game fish (Pick handle, Barracuda, King Mackerel, Kingfish, Wahoo, etc). Big Potatoes bass patrol the waters and formations of rays float past. Strong current often occur. 25 minutes boat ride and very weather dependant.

Steve’s’ - 14 to 17m depth - All divers

Another good reef to train new divers. A bit of everything from juvenile to adult reef fish, eels, rays, crocodile fish and passing game fish.

Shallow Malongane - 12 – 15m depth - All divers

Fun reef drift dive. Profusion of stag horn coral where juvenile reef fish dart in and out. Cracks in the coral open up small hiding places for trigger and parrot fish and smaller game fish patrol the mid-water areas.

Atlantis - 35 to 48m depth – Experienced divers

One of the deeper reefs in the area. Reef structures to remind you of a sunken underwater city, long wip corals attach themselves to large rock blocks. Green coral trees hide reef fish and their hunters, the game species. Occasional reef sharks pay a visit.

Wayne’s World - 20 to 25m depth – Advanced divers

A large rock arch is the feature of this dive. The arch and surrounding rocks are covered in hard and soft corals with numerous juvenile and adult inhabitants. Reef sharks are often darting in and out, and the occasional ragged tooth shark is sighted.

Bread loaf - 10 to 14m depth - All divers

Very close to the shore-line the reef can only be dived in very calm conditions. Small rocky and coral outcrops can be explored at your leisure, revealing octopus, lionfish, shrimps, eels and reef fish.

Texas - 12 to 18m depth - All divers

Large reef covered in all different types of hard corals, with many overhangs, making this a very interesting dive, favored by photographers. Inhabitants include turtles, parrot and trigger fish, eels, reef sharks, juvenile and adult reef fish, potato bass and nudibranches.

Aquarium - 22 to 27m depth – Advanced divers

A small but exquisite rock, covered in colorful soft corals that hide cheeky eels. Perfect for both wide angle and macro photography. Home to frog fish, hawk fish, leaf fish and a resident shy Potato Bass.

Turtle Creek - 14 to 18m depth - All divers

Got his name, no surprise, after numerous turtle sightings. Lovely small drop-offs hiding all types of critters such as eels, shrimps, batfish, leaf and frog fish, sponge corals and the cleaning stations.

Keg’s Ledge - 17 to 24m depth – Advanced divers

Interesting coral formations with a long drop-off ledge, hiding eels, Potato bass, Lion fish, ribbon eels, guitar fish, murays, leaf fish, nudibranches and reef fish. Occasional ragged tooth and nurse sharks. Stag horn corals abound on the upper ledges.

Bass City - 19 to 22m depth – Advanced divers

Famous for its friendly resident family of Potato Bass. Bait fish and hunting game fish, lionfish, shrimps, carpet ells, rays, octopus and sweepers. Rocks covered in soft corals. 5 rocks and sandy areas

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