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Diving Nuarro, North Mozambique

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Diving Nuarro, North Mozambique

Nuarro Bay offers spectacular diving and snorkeling just off the lodge in a wonderful and pristine environment.

The activity center has a fully equipped dive center with its own reception and lounge, a separate classroom for teaching and education, a dressing area with closets and shower facilities. Nuarro offers rental of diving gear and dive tanks, all PADI dive courses and most PADI specialties. Fully kitted dive boats with radio, GPS and emergency kits. Experienced dive instructors are available at all times to accommodate all levels of training and dive groups. English and Portuguese speaking.

Situated at the southern point of the Memba Bay on the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula. Nuarro offers a wonderful variety of dive experiences. Best of all, it’s still pioneering stuff  with only around 40% of the reefs explored! The peninsula is situated between the Nacala and Memba Bays, both of which have extensive reef systems, mangroves and a number of different dive sites.

The Nanatha Bay offers extraordinary shore dives and boat dives. Novices can enjoy the shallow sites of the house reef, full of coral bommies, sandy stretches and sea grasses and the proximity to the mangroves, optimal water temperature and visibility results in a great diversity of Cnidarians, such as; hard and soft corals, Ascidians, Hydroids, Sea Fans and Whip Corals. The walls along Baixo do Pinda, a half-hour to one hour-long boat rides offer more challenging diving with awesome topography including vertical drop-off's, colourful pinnacles, swim-throughs and caves, and thanks to the strong currents, abundant pelagic species.

Moving on from the Nanatha Point there is a wall that runs for the complete circumference of the Baixo. This has somewhere in the region of 15km of wall diving and an endless amount of dive sites. There is an abundance of large and small fish life. Generally this would be done as drift dives and can only be available to the more experienced diver.

One privilege of diving at Nuarro is that there are only the lodge divers on the reefs. So, you get the whole reef to yourself and dive times are usually dictated by air supply not the need to get back for the next boat of divers. Visibility is usually excellent. The Mozambican current is constantly washing the bay of debris and with no river run off's nearby and the deep waters so close, conditions are generally favorable to 40m plus visibility. With minimum visibility usually more than 10m.

One of the most fascinating aspects to Nuarro's marine experience is the Humpback Whale (Megaptera Novaeanglae) season from July to November. At this time the females have newly born offspring that needs fattening up for the journey south to colder waters. Large pods of whales stay in this region for the warm waters so the calf can survive as it grows. They bring their calves into the Bays for protection against bad seas and predators allowing the calf to be nursed for this period, whilst taking no sustenance themselves.

The males are also here and are looking to be suitors for the journey south where they will mate to then produce new offspring. It is the males and sub adult displays of grandeur in an attempt to win the females affections that make for the most wondrous performance in the bay with repetitive breaching, fluke flapping, spy hopping and sailing. These moments are difficult to catch on camera unless you have a video camera, but the memory will last with you forever. One pod can consist of thirty or more whales.You will have the privilege of  kayaking with them.

Best time to visit: is between July and November when the sea temperature drops to the mid 20's Celsius, so fish life is greater and the whales are with us. However, we are a year round destination and there is always activity in the water to appeal to the diver or snorkeler.

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